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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is behind the name of the project?

​A: Our software automates the most human ability – creativity, inventiveness. This is why we called it True Machina.

Q: What does True Machina actually do?

A: It creates new inventions by using newly published scientific effects and technological shells.​

Q: What is potential business value of True Machina?
A: Business opportunity is enormous. By creating new inventions automatically it is possible to build the largest depository of original intellectual property in the world. This is extremely valuable.

Q: Does the software replace inventors and engineers?

A: Not at all. True Machina acts as an equal creative partner of human inventors. It is able to generate conceptual inventions quickly. Human inventors will use the concepts to come up with technical solutions that fit the needs of society. It's a joint AI – Human creativity.

Q: AI became very popular recently, what is the difference between True Machina and other AI applications?

A: There is a principle difference: our software defines new category – Creative AI. Other AI systems can learn, recognize objects, drive cars, etc. True Machina creates novel ideas – this is the highest level of intelligence.​

Q: Who are potential users of the software?

A: Corporate research departments, individuals. Engineers, researchers, inventors will be able to find more promising and revolutionary ideas in much shorter time frame. We expect to have a very large user base.

Q: Who are developers of the software?

A: The project was initiated by Dr. Val Tsourikov, who was behind Invention Machine project and TechOptimizer/Goldfire software. Dr. Tsourikov is running a special course on Creative AI in Minsk for grad students of three major universities. Best course participants are invited to join the project. This course helps us to find best talents in AI.

Q: What impact the project will have on technical innovations?

A: As the knowledge base of the system is constantly updated, it will dramatically shorten time from scientific research to technical innovations. Also, it will help human engineers to be much more productive in technical creativity.

Q: Are you looking for strategic partners?

A: Yes, we are looking for a corporate partner to get help with defining technical domains of first priority. We also plan to sign a strategic investor as a long-term partner. True Machina will have a big impact on technology and technical creativity. Strategic partners will help to achieve the goals of the project.

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