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Guest Speech

You have an opportunity to book Dr. Val Tsourikov as a corporate guest speaker with his lecture on the topic of "Generative Inventions: Boosting Corporate Innovations with Creative AI".


This introductory speech describes how a new AI approach accelerates innovations throughout automatic generation of novel technical ideas based on newest scientific knowledge, advanced materials and research outcomes. Generative Inventions can be positioned as a creative partner of human inventors and R&D groups, helping companies to innovate better and faster.

Dr. Val Tsourikov has an extensive experience in presenting at the top world companies, including General Electric, Intel, Mitsubishi, Motorola, Procter & Gamble, Saab, Honda R&D, 3M, AT&T, Navy R&D Conference, NASA Technology Conference; was a keynote speaker at TRIZfest-2014, TRIZ Future 2018, and scores of others. 

Full program of the lecture is accessible via the following link:

                                                        Generative Inventions Lecture

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