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On January 29, 2019 we hosted another morning of getting to know True Machina. The event occured at Milano Café in Minsk and was designed for potential investors, business angels, as well as top managers from IT and high-tech companies. 

Started with a free breakfast, the program also included: 

  • Why True Machina is the next big thing? The investment project presentation. 

  • Demonstration of the system of automatic generation of new inventions. 

  • Discussion. What is the value of a company owning 1 billion inventions through investors' eyes? 

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14 December 2018 – potential partners and investors gathered at Milano Café Minsk, Belarus for a business breakfast.


The event was attended by CEOs, top managers of IT companies and investors with a focus on large global markets.


During the meeting, True Machina team demonstrated the newest version of the intellectual system for generating of new inventions. Also, there was presented the idea of an international consortium, which should include True Machina as well as the leading IT and high-tech companies from the Fortune Global 500 List.

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TRIZ Future Conference invited Dr. Val Tsourikov with his keynote talk on equal partnership between creative AI and inventors. The event took place in Strasbourg, France, 29-31 October 2018.

The working prototype of True Machina engine was demonstrated in front of diverse corporations such as GE Global Research, Samsung Electronics, Socomec, Philips Research, Philips Avent, Hyundai Motor and Huf Group. Professional Committee included representatives from Siemens, Michelin, Philips, Cesi, Samsung Electronics, ArcelorMittal, Procter & Gamble, Bosch, Plastic Omnium, etc.

The presentation is accessible via the following link:

Time earlier, on September 14-16, 2017 the idea of True Machina project was firstly announced at the 13th MATRIZ International Conference TRIZfest in Krakow, Poland. You may view or download the PDF file of Dr. Tsourikov's speech below.

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