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Strategic Partnership

We believe that early involvement of clients in software development is a major factor of success. Creative power of algorithms, software usability, intuitive interface – all these important goals can’t be achieved without a feedback from end users. Sooner the feedback is received, better the final product will look.
Strategic partnership means the following:

- partner engineers become involved in customization of True Machina software and Novelty portal at early stages;
- joint project management to increase the likelihood of software and portal success among partner employees;
- constant upgrading of partner customized knowledge base with newly published discoveries, unique materials, novel designs.

Two levels of software customization can be offered.

Level 1. True Machina team develops special knowledge base of technical functions and human needs to reflect current business goals of the strategic partner. For example, if the company focuses on sensors for internet of things, then our researchers will develop knowledge base of needs, technical solutions and research results related to all kind of sensors. Customized knowledge base will help our strategic partner to be ahead of competition in R&D space.

Level 2. In addition to customized knowledge base we can offer dedicated R&D team which will not only keep upgrading the knowledge base but also will be involved in solving technical problems for our partner.

Please send your partnership suggestions via

FYI: Foreign citizens do not need a visa for up to 30 days stay in Belarus.

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