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The Team

Our core team: 

4 PhDs in Artificial Intelligence, Physics and Chemistry; 

MSc in Computer Science;

MA in International Business and Economics.

True Machina at Emerge tech conference.

Minsk, Belarus | May 2018

Since talents in AI play a key role today, we can't just ignore that. Therefore our approach to forming True Machina team takes roots from launching an Artificial Intelligence for Automatic Generation of Novel Technical Ideas, a training course held under the sponsorship of High Tech Park Belarus in Minsk, November 2017.

Our classes were aimed at young researchers, developers, tech students, postgraduates to provide them with a general approach to creative automation, including automatic generation of new inventions.

40 participants (Bachelor to Ph.D. level), predominantly from IT and AI industries, Physics and Mathematics have survived and received certificates of completion.

The strike team began working on a research prototype. We will also involve additional forces from a larger group if necessary. 


Finally, you can review some photos of the classes as well as the course program down below.

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2 new
3 new
4 new
5 new

Course overview

The Computer as a Creator of Novelty: Is This Real?​


  • Can a computer invent fundamentally new ideas? 

  • Turing machine (1934). Invention Machine (1997). 

  • The myth about opaque nature of creativity.

Creative Automation Trends

  • Generative Art/Music/Images vs. Computational Creativity.

  •  Genetic algorithms. Semantics. Causality. Neural Networks.

Intelligent Systems to Creative Process Support


  • Computer as a virtual assistant (AI) in the search for novel ideas.

  • Psychological methods in creativity intensification. 

  • Knowledge-based systems.

The Computer as the Creative Partner of Human Creator

  • Will AI replace inventors, artists or musicians? 

  • The inertia of human thinking and the curse of dimension of a computer. 

  • AI as an idea generator. 

  • Can a computer evaluate the novelty and future prospects of ideas?​


Creative AI as Mega-Inventor of Future Technologies


  • True Machina main blocks: technology shells, effects parser, graphic concept synthesizer, ideas evaluation, parameters amplifier. A generator of needs and business plans for startups.

  • True Machina operation set: generation of novel ideas and their evaluation, graphical synthesis of new concepts.


A special lecture for AI professionals.

Minsk, Belarus | February 2018

1 IMG_0939   ps
2 L1650849    ps
3 IMG_0889
4 IMG_0931
5 L1650851   ps
6 IMG_0940

Is Creative AI Our Worst Enemy or the Best Partner?

Another lecture at High Tech Park, Minsk Belarus | October 2018

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